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Croft Garden Room and Conservatory Entertaining

Entertaining at home has so many benefits, especially in summer. Why travel for entertainment when you can simply invite your friends and family over to enjoy their company at home. If you live in Preston, Garstang, Longridge, the Ribble Valley, Chorley or surrounding areas and you find that you are not opening your home to visitors as often as you would like, don’t let space be the issue. A bespoke Croft conservatory, garden room, orangery or even a standalone garden pod may be just what you need to revive the pride in your home.

Croft offers a full service from design to completion so once you are ready to open your new patio, bi-fold or sliding doors onto the garden, what else do you need to consider to make entertaining a breeze?

Create an Inviting Entertaining Home Zone

Entertaining in an orangery or conservatory provides the perfect venue as it allows guests to spill outside and inside, effortlessly. If the weather changes, as it can quickly do in Lancashire, guests can easily head for shelter so you don’t have to wait for the perfect forecast to send out the invitations.

The furnishings you decide to use inside your conservatory, orangery, garden room or garden pod are only limited by your imagination. Do you want to provide a relaxing homely sofa to sink into while guests catch up or a more formal dining table to impress your friends and family with your culinary skills? Side tables are useful for guests’ drink requirements or maybe you prefer the idea of a more intimate afternoon tea. Imagine your favourite venue to enjoy time with your friends and then recreate the experience at home in your new extra space.

No Need to Move When You Can Improve Your Home

Space is a leading reason preventing people from throwing their doors open more often to socialising. As the saying goes, life is short, so investing in your home is always a good place to start to generate an investment return on the quality of life. Moving just to gain another room can be stressful and costly so before you call the estate agent, why not give Croft a call first to see if we can build the space you desire for your existing home.

Having an orangery or conservatory gives you extra space so you can invite more people to your home at one time. Big family or group gatherings will no longer feel stressful due to lack of space and the party atmosphere will be more relaxed when people have the space to spread out.

Entertainment in a Conservatory or Orangery

From children’s parties to movie nights at home, so many events can be contained nicely in an orangery or conservatory. Different groups can splinter off into different rooms if some guests prefer more peace and quiet. We are often told by our customers that having an extra year round useable room has transformed the way they use their home.

The extra light flooding in makes orangery or conservatories the ideal location for catching up with friends over a glass or two of wine or providing a place for doing crafts with the children’s friends.

Take it a stage further to a bespoke, standalone garden pod and the possibilities are limitless. Why not send guests to enjoy a gin and tonic in your exclusive garden pod to keep them away from kitchen chaos then invite them in to dine as the night moves on. The only person who will be disappointed when you order a new orangery, garden room or conservatory is the owner of your favourite restaurant when you realise dining at home can be such a memorable and pleasant experience.

Party Planning In a Conservatory or Garden Room

Guest generally follow the food and drink so why not set up a table of food in your conservatory or orangery then people can nip in and out from the garden for refreshments. Alternatively, keep the crumbs outside but have the doors wide open for when guests return for a comfortable seat after a BBQ or al fresco picnic.

Open Plan Entertaining

A conservatory, garden room or orangery from Croft can change the character and open your house up in one simple move. Family and guests can move around and be more sociable while enhancing the appeal and value of your home. Open plan living does not need to feel overwhelming and vast however. Create different atmospheres and zones within your house by the positioning of lights and furniture, the choice is yours.

Conservatory and Orangery Extensions Make Entertaining Easy

Conservatories, orangeries, pods and garden rooms are the perfect way to add a stylish extension to your home. If space is what has been holding you back from inviting people over, then by calling Croft Conservatories in Preston, you will no longer have an excuse. Our orangery, garden room or conservatory extensions allow you to create an area that exists as a transition point between home and the garden outside, making you and your guests appreciate your garden even more too.

If you would like to find out more about how a conservatory, garden room, orangery or garden pod may be the perfect addition to your home and allow you to entertain with ease, contact Croft today.

Our friendly team of expert craftsmen understand how to maximise the potential of your home to create the perfect extra space you need to really enjoy entertaining. You can see our range of conservatories, orangeries, garden pods and garden rooms plus a full complement of windows, bi-fold, sliding doors and entrance doors on this website and make sure you follow us on social media too.

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