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The Best Ways to Heat Your Conservatory

A Croft conservatory is a beautiful way to bring a property extra airiness, light and more space to enjoy. Most of our customers look at a conservatory as an extension to their home that is used throughout the year. Gone are the days when a conservatory was too cold to use in winter and too hot to enjoy in summer. If you chose Croft to design yours with the latest energy efficient glass and our expert construction techniques, you will have an inviting space all year round.

A conservatory or orangery is a place to unwind with family, to entertain guests and to find that space to relax on your own with a book or a glass of wine, the perfect room to transition between the home and nature outside. In the depths of winter however you will need a heat source to make your conservatory a cosy place to be in so below are some tips on how to best heat your conservatory or orangery. 

Heating Options for a Conservatory or Orangery

The first step to heating your conservatory well is to choose the right type of construction techniques, insulation and energy efficient glass. By choosing Croft to build your conservatory or orangery, these decisions are done for you. The next step is to choose which heating method you would prefer. There are a few choices options to choose from below:

•    Energy efficient electric heaters 
•    Underfloor heating
•    Log burners
•    Connect to the central heating system of the house

Electric Heating Options

If electric heating is your preferred route, we offer a selection of slim unobtrusive panel heaters from Scandanavia (where they know all about cold weather). They are thermostaically and timer controlled, easy to install and can be turned on and off as desired even from a smartphone. This is a quick and simple heating option that offers controlled heat and the products we choose are as energy efficient as possible.   
These elegant heaters provide ultra-control over the heating in your home with smartphone app management of the systems if desired or systems that rely on a simple mechanical thermostat. 

Underfloor Heating for Your Conservatory or Orangery

One way to both create and maintain heat in your conservatory is electric underfloor heating. Underfloor heating works well with floor tiles where the whole floor acts as a radiator thereby eliminating hot spots within the Orangery or Conservatory. You can trust Croft to advise you on the best system for your needs and then you will be able to enjoy the new space in your home all year long along with a warm feeling underfoot.

Log Burners in Conservatories and Orangeries

Log burners are also a popular choice, especially if you are looking to create that warm Hygge feel at home. Log burners can not only provide a great deal of heat when you need it, but they also create a pleasant atmosphere and a focal point in your new conservatory or orangery that will be a talking point when you welcome guests.

Hygge is a Danish word explaining the feeling of being calm and cosy, of enjoying the simple things in life. The concept comes from Denmark and has helped people to connect with their homes and create personal sanctuaries to help improve well-being. A great way you can embrace this concept is with candles reflected against the glass in a conservatory that is warmed by a log burning stove. It doesn’t get much more Hygge than that!

Central Heating Systems in a Conservatory or Orangery

Another option is to connect your conservatory to the main central heating system that you have running through the rest of the home, making it easy to manage and controllable with the rest of the house. If the boiler is suitable, this is a relatively simple process involving an extra radiator or two being added to the current central heating circuit.

Whether you decide to install underfloor heating, a log burner, an extension to your central heating or an electric panel heater, our friendly team can help advise you which will be the best option for you. Each conservatory and orangery we install is bespoke and designed around your needs so you can trust us to give you the correct advice. For more information contact us on 01722 703 777 or