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Croft Conservatories ‘Get Ready for Winter’ Checklist

We’ve definitely hit the less pleasant time of year when we experience the slush of autumn rain and we are heading towards the depths of winter. Cold driving rain and long, dark nights are ahead. Don’t despair. At Croft Conservatories in Preston we prefer to get ready for winter as early as possible, going through the house and the exterior of the home to ensure that everything is in tip-top condition before winter truly arrives.

To help you we’ve put together a quick checklist to help you get ready for winter and to make sure your home looks great, is warm and welcoming, and doesn’t become unbearable and overwhelming when it’s too dark and cold outside to have any joy in doing something about it. Read on to get prepared.

Check Your Door and Window Security – Now is the perfect time of year to check on the security of your doors and windows. Go round your house and check whether there is a need to replace or repair the locks on your front and back doors and all windows. As the nights get longer there are longer periods of time where the skies are dark and your vulnerable entry points must be protected. If you feel you need to replace a vulnerable weak spot in your home, just give us a call.

Clean the Gutters – The last thing you want during the winter is for your gutters to become clogged with leaves and other pieces of debris then overflow or cause water damage to your home. As we move through autumn and into winter there will be plenty of rainfall and plenty of leaves falling so it is much better to be as proactive as possible and to clear the gutters now before any problems are exacerbated with the poor incoming weather. If your roofline area needs a bit more attention than scooping out leaves, we can help you with that too and replace your facia boards and gutters to give your home a sleek new look.

Clear the Garden & Yard – Once the gutters are cleaned the next logical step is to clear up your garden both at the front and back of the house. Sweep away leaves, clean any hard surfaces and remove all waste items to make it as pretty as possible in your garden for the winter months. This is the perfect time to buy some winter flowers and to put them in tubs that are in view of the windows. There are an array of flowering winter plants to provide you with that splash of colour as you look out on the dreariest of days. Winter flowering pansies are a great start for long lasting smiling faces to brighten up your terrace.

Get Rid of Draughts – Once the doors are secure you should also check for any draughts. There are few things more annoying than putting the heating on then feeling a draught coming into the house whether it is from the front door, back door, or one of the widows. Getting rid of draughts helps to insulate the home and keep it warm, reducing your energy bills in the process as you don’t need to use as much energy to heat the home.

If you would like to find out more information about our comprehensive choice of conservatories, orangeries and A+ rated windows that we have available at Croft Conservatories, our friendly team is here and ready to help you out. We are on hand to help you put together the perfect plan of action to get your home looking fantastic before the New Year. Please feel free to contact us today on 01722 703 777 or email [email protected]. You are also very welcome to pop into our showroom on Pittman Way, Fulwood and experience the Croft way of doing things correctly and with craftsmanship.