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Croft in Preston Can Help You Prepare for Winter with Energy Efficient Windows

As winter is approaching, it is important to think about how efficiently your house runs to reduce heat loss and therefore the cost of heating your home. One area where you can make a significant and positive impact is with your choice of windows. At Croft Conservatories in Preston we understand energy efficient windows (we’ve actually achieved an A+ Thermal Rating Register and Certass rating on the windows we supply) and we can provide you with the perfect windows to improve the efficiency of your home.

During the winter months in the UK we can unfortunately expect long, cold winter nights, dark early evenings, rain, wind, and plenty of cold air. This type of weather will be with us for many months and if you have single-paned windows or poor performing double glazed window, it can make a big difference to heat loss in your home. It could be that you are facing plenty of draughts that keep your home from staying warm and in turn this can lead to higher energy bills and poor performance in terms of living in an environmentally friendly house.

What are the benefits of choosing to install energy efficient windows with Croft Conservatories?

Reducing Drafts in Your Home – Think about the long, cold winter nights in your home and how annoying it is and often uncomfortable, to feel that constant draught coming from somewhere in the house. If you have single-paned windows installed at your property, poorly installed windows, or old windows that require maintenance and replacement, draughts can creep in and become the norm. You may live in a house that is incredibly difficult to get warm enough for your needs but also hard to maintain heat inside when you do get it warm.

Lowering Energy Bills – There is an immediate knock-on effect when your home suffers from plenty of draughts and that is it takes more effort to warm it up. If you need to set the heating on a higher setting for a longer time, it will lead to extremely high energy bills. With more efficient windows at your property you can significantly reduce your energy bills as it takes less energy to warm your house during the cold winter months and your new windows will help it retain heat for longer.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint – Having a more energy efficient home leads to the ability to reduce your carbon footprint and work in an environmentally friendly way. It is important that we all look at ways in which we can reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, and at Croft Conservatories we take that responsibility seriously. The energy that the UK uses to heat, light, and cool our buildings makes up around half of all UK carbon dioxide emissions so the more that can be done within individual homes to reduce this level, the better for everyone.

The A+ Certass rating that we have achieved at Croft Conservatories is important as it demonstrates that our windows have passed a rigorous test that clearly demonstrates how energy efficient our windows are. Our UPVC windows have a 35-year life span and are made with recyclable materials, helping our customers to retain and save energy whilst reducing energy bills and the demands on energy providers in the process.

If you would like more information about our A+ rated windows, contact the friendly team at Croft Conservatories on 01722 703 777