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Orangery and Conservatory Summer Entertaining

Lancashire is beautiful in summer, so what better time to entertain your friends in a new orangery or conservatory. Entertaining in an orangery or conservatory is the perfect venue as it allows guest to spill outside and then back inside, effortlessly. If the weather changes, as it can quickly in Lancashire, guests can easily head for shelter so you don’t have to wait for the perfect forecast to send out the invitations.

Conservatories and Orangeries Provide Extra Space

Having an orangery or conservatory gives you extra space so you can invite more people round to your home at one time. Big family or group gatherings will no longer be stressful due to lack of space and the party atmosphere will be more relaxed when people have the space to spread out.

Entertainment In a Conservatory or Orangery

Children’s parties can be contained nicely in an orangery or conservatory so that adults have their own separate space for a chat too. The extra light flooding in make orangery or conservatories the ideal location for catching up with friends over a glass or two of wine or doing some summer crafts with the kids.

Why not set up a table of food in your conservatory or orangery then people can nip in and out from the garden for refreshments, or do things the opposite way and keep the crumbs outside but have the doors open for when they return for a comfortable seat after a BBQ or picnic al fresco.

Open Plan Living In Lancashire

Open plan living created from the addition of a conservatory or orangery throws open more than just the windows and doors. It throws open the options to have different atmospheres and zones within your house and the ability to be more sociable and inviting at home.

Conservatory and Orangery Extensions

Conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms are the perfect way to get a stylish extension to a home. If space is what has been holding you back from inviting people round more, then by calling Croft conservatories, you will no longer have an excuse. Our orangery and conservatory extensions allow you to create an area that exists as a halfway point between home and the lush greenery and flora outside, making you appreciate your garden even more in the process.

If you would like to find out more about how a conservatory or orangery may be the perfect addition to your home and allow you to entertain with ease, contact Croft today.

Our friendly team of expert craftsmen understand how to maximise the potential of your back garden and home, to create the perfect extra space you need to really enjoy summer at home. You can see our range of conservatories, orangeries, windows and doors on this website and make sure you follow us on social media too.

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