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Acoustic Glass – What You Need To Know

Preston window specialists, Croft Conservatories are constantly looking for the best products to meet our changing customer needs including acoustic glass. Sound proofing is becoming an increasingly requested attribute of new windows as customers are looking to both insulate their homes from drafts and the weather but also from noise from nearby roads and neighbours.

With a rising population, more traffic and most of us spending 90% of our time indoors, it is important to make our homes a sanctuary to relax in.  Noise can be a stress factor that disrupts this much needed relaxation.

When you return home from a busy day, the last thing you want is to be disturbed by noises from outside. You can maintain a quiet home by using acoustic glass in your windows to keep the outside noise, firmly outside.

If noise is an issue for you, standard double-glazing units are not always enough to protect you from the increasingly busy roads and noisy urban area sounds. Double-glazing that includes acoustic insulated glass can significantly reduce the noise entering your home through closed windows.

What is Acoustic Glass?

Acoustic glass combines two sheets of clear glass bonded together with a totally transparent, sound absorbing inter-layer. It is particularly efficient when used in double glazing.

The acoustic properties of windows are decided by the glazing but also by the type of frame, how the frames are assembled and how the entire unit is installed. Acoustic insulation glazing must be mounted in an effective and well-installed frame too which is why you need to speak to a professional company like Croft Conservatories if you want to have a product installed that you can really trust to reduce the noise inside your property.

For more information about Croft’s acoustic glass range to keep your home more soundproofed or anything else to do with windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries or roof line products in the Preston area, please contact us.