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Croft Preston Explain What Is The Difference Between An Orangery And A Conservatory

When customers come to our Preston orangery and conservatory showroom, a common question is what is the difference? Croft conservatories and Croft orangeries both involve the highest level of craftsmanship and bespoke attention to detail so Croft believe the definition is less important than listening to what our customers want but below is a quick summary just in case you are confused.

What is an Orangery?

Orangeries became popular in the 18th Century when grand orangery structures were added to opulent homes to protect plants such as orange trees from winter conditions (hence the name “orangery”). Travel was a sign of wealth so what better way to show off than have a tropical environment growing exotic fruit as an extension to your aristocratic home.

Orangeries are very popular today but it is generally less about showing off a display of citrus trees and more about adding a useable extra new room to your home. Orangeries act as an extension to your home with additional brickwork and roofs which are traditionally part ceiling and part glazed.

What is a Conservatory?

Conservatories have full glass roofs. Conservatories allow light to flood over your sofas, plants or whatever you like to use the extra space for.
Historically, conservatories were built as an attachment to the home whereas orangeries could sometimes be found as standalone structures in gardens. Today, orangeries are usually also directly attached to the home but as there are more bricks involved than with a conservatory, they are often seen as the more premium option as they seamlessly flow from the house.

All Croft orangeries and conservatories use the same high specification double glazing and energy efficient technologies to keep the space warm in winter and cool in summer so the main decision for someone wanting to extend their home is how they would like the space to look.

Croft guide our customers through the design process and will listen carefully to how you intend to use the extra space before suggesting the best solution.

Croft’s attention to detail and quality craftsmanship focuses on delivering premium conservatories, orangeries, doors, windows and roofline products to people living in the Preston, Lytham, Poulton, Ribble Valley, Garstang, Blackburn, Chorley and surrounding areas.

To see a sample of an orangery, conservatory, doors, windows, and other products Croft supply, please view our orangery gallery page or our conservatory gallery page.

Finally, if you would like to benefit from extra space in your home while enjoying beautifully bespoke doors, windows, conservatories and orangeries you must phone Croft. We have a showroom featuring a range of conservatories, orangeries, doors and windows in Preston and if you pop in for a quote, you will even receive a £50 holiday voucher as a thank-you.