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Croft Windows – how our triple glazed and A rated windows can cut your energy bill

Croft conservatories is delighted to be able to offer triple glazed windows.

Triple glazed windows are up to 40% more thermally efficient than double glazed windows.

Croft also offer the very best A rated windows.

We look at the average savings to householders between A, B and C rated windows:

A, B and C rated windows are all much more energy efficient than standard windows. That said, there are differences in performance of energy efficient windows with A, B and C ratings:

Changing existing single-glazed, timber windows to B and C windows in a semi detatched, gas fuelled house would be expected to save £4350 in heating costs and 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the life of the windows.

If the new windows are B rated, this saving increases to £4650 and 11.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

However, if the windows are A rated then the savings increase to nearly £5000 and over 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Call in to our showroom to see the wide range of windows we offer. Recent new ranges which have proved particularly popular include our Residence 9 range and our wide range of coloured upvc windows. These particularly suit older properties.

Croft is Preston and Lancashire’s leading supplier and fitter of windows. Our long-standing reputation for delivering quality and excellent service mean you can have peace of mind when you choose us.